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Hawthorn News

Information not widely shared in the mainstream media regarding the current ongoing situation.

Please note that due to YouTube deleting accounts some links are broken. They are being updated with links to non YouTube sources but this will take a while.

Lord Sumption, essential to watch or read.
VIDEO: Government by decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution: Lord Sumption
TRANSCRIPT: Government by decree: Covid-19 and the Constitution – Lord Sumption – Cambridge Freshfields Annual Law Lecture – 27 October 2020, 6pm

Latest from the Blog

News – Wednesday 28 October 2020

The must watch Lord Sumption Lecture: Government by decree – Covid-19 and the Constitution, Robert F Kennedy Jr, UK Column, Computing Forever, David Icke, Vernon Coleman and lots from Twitter.

News – Tuesday 20 October 2020

A few links to resources concerning face coverings. Also Computing Forever, David Icke, Vernon Coleman, UK Column, Del Bigtree – The Highwire, The Light Truthpaper, Digital Currencies and more.

News – Tuesday 13 October 2020

Today’s post covers tweets on twitter over the last couple of days. So much going on. Includes, Simon Dolan, Dr Mike Yeadon, Canada isolation camps, Law or Fiction, Francis Hoar and more.

News – Monday 12 September 2020

The Great Barrington Declaraion and a few links to have a look at this week from: UK Column, Computing Forever, Peter Hitches, Vernon Coleman, Carl Vernon and Alex Belfield.

News – Sunday 4 October 2020

A lot to catch up on, including: Dr Mike Yeadon, UK Column, David Icke, Computing Forever, Dr Vernon Coleman, Carl Vernon, TalkRadio interviews and more…

News – Sunday 13 September 2020 – Australia

Today’s post is mainly links to what is happening in Australia. Sky News Australia is a good place to look for information about what is going on there. Also linked is the latest, must watch Computing Forever video, It’s Time To Wake Up.

News – Sunday 6 September 2020

Lots of things to share in today’s post, including information from: 21st Century Wire, Computing Forever, David Icke, UK Column, Northern Exposure, Keep Britain Free, and Vernon Coleman


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